Ester.Finance Weekly R&D Report (5.23–5.30)

Ester.Finance Weekly Report #1

The Ester team is proud to introduce the beginning of our weekly status reports. Research and Development reports will be published each week for the week prior. Today we will begin with some exciting updates that have started to come to fruition over the prior days. What a week we’ve had and we’d like to share some highlights below.

Ester Finance (5.23–5.30)Roundup

TVL: $2,850,000

Total EST Supply: 823,938.31296 EST

Distributed Market Value: $1,950,000

Current EST Vaults: 16 Vaults + EST Staking

EST Vaults:

EST Staking:

Current Highest Yield Vault: Stake FTM/BOO LP in our Auto-compound Vault

I. Technical Developments

  1. New LP vaults to be added including FTM/BNB, FTM/ZOO, FTM/SUSHI — Get ready for those juicy auto-compounding rewards!
  2. Backend support — We have added additional backend support as we continue to grow.
  3. Fix float number issue — We are working on a fix to the float number issue on the site.
  4. Fix approved allowance issue — Completing the process to auto-set to the entered amount for allowance.

II. Ongoing Research Directions

  1. More convenient way to harvest EST — We are researching and developing an auto-harvest for EST rewards, which will further increase that yield we all love!
  2. Display staked only LPs — Working on implementation of a “Staked Only” toggle to give our users an even smoother experience.
  3. Auto harvesting EST in the vault and reinvest — Researching reinvestment strategies for auto-harvested EST yield on vault assets.

III. Community Developments

We are humbled and appreciate the growth our community has seen. We are now over 20,000 Ester members and continue to go strong in our push to bring additional DeFi investors into the world of EST.

Total Discord Members: 21,236

Total Twitter Followers: 21,000

About Ester Finance

Ester.Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Yield Optimizer project on the Fantom Opera Blockchain. Ester can make you earn more crypto with crypto. Through a set of smart contracts and several investment strategies, Ester.Finance automatically maximizes the user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs), automated market making (AMM) projects, and other yield farming opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem

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EST Address: 0x181f3f22c9a751e2ce673498a03e1fdfc0ebbfb6



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